Henry John Drewal

Co-curated by myself and Sarah K. Khan, we are very pleased to offer two traveling exhibitions of African and African Diaspora textiles based on my research among the Yoruba peoples of Nigeria and the Siddis of Karnataka, India. These shows reflect my interest in arts of African peoples and their descendents scattered across the globe, and my belief that these arts are vital, powerful expressions of their histories, cultures, identities and aspirations.

To inquire about hosting one of these exhibitions, I encourage you to contact me. More information is available by clicking on the links below....

Soulful Stitching: Patchwork Quilts by Africans in India

The Siddis are Indians of African descent. During my first visit to Karnataka, I was amazed to find that their distinctive textiles are practically unknown, even within India. "Stitching History" showcases exquisite work by artists who are members of the Siddi Womens' Quilt Cooperative, which is keeping this textile tradition alive and vibrant.

Contents: 32 quilts, 5 wall text panels, 4 photo panels, and a film introducing Siddi history, culture and arts. Smaller versions of the show are available upon request.
Size: 280-300 running feet
Fee: $10,000 plus shipping

Exhibit Reviews: Holland Cotter (NYT) and Roberta Smith (NYT)


Joyful Blues: Yoruba Indigo-Dyed Cloths

“Joyful Blues” is a refined selection of Yoruba indigo-dyed cloths or adire, richly patterned with hand-painted, stenciled, tied and stitched resist techniques. I collected these adire in the Oje Market in Ibadan between 1975 and 1986. Today older adire is rarely found in markets, and only one workshop is maintaining the art form and attempting to adapt it to contemporary fashions.

Contents: 23 S cloths, 6 contemporary adire textiles and garments, 5 wall text panels, 3 photo panels, and a film showing the techniques used by adire cloth specialists. A larger version of this show is available upon request.
Size: 200-250 running feet
Fee: $8,000 plus shipping